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FOR SALE Pool of 11 Single Family Homes

FOR SALE $1.9 MM Portfolio:

Pool of 11 Single Family Homes

Portfolio can be sold separately as 6-SFH and 5-SFH Portfolios

(Not Listed on MLS)


* Estimated Value: $1.9 MM
* Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
* Property Type: Residential Income
* Rental Type: Section 8 Approved
* 6-Single Family Homes, Rented
* 5-Single Family Homes, Vacant
* 3% Commission
* Sold to the highest bidder

* Bidding deadline: APRIL 12, 2013, 5pm EST

Bid Offering

Bids are due by 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time April 12th, 2013. Interested bidders must submit their bid along with their proof funds prior to the above referenced bid date. Direct Source is in charge of collecting bid offers. Winning bidder will be required to deposit 20% of the purchase price into escrow within 24-hours. Initial Due Diligence must be completed before April 12th 2013. Contract executed by April 15th, 2013. Inspection is to be completed on or before April 19, 2013. An additional non-refundable deposit of 30% is due by April 22, 2013. Balance of 50% is due upon closing. Closing shall take place within 7-business days, but no later than April 30, 2013.

Prior to submitting bids, the buyer is required to conduct their feasibility study based on available information.


For more information contact:

Tarek Kirschen, Principal

Tel: (305)-890-9900



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