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3 Biggest Issues in Housing Today

Last week, the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) held their 52nd Annual Journalism Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Among the many highly anticipated sessions was one called “Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate™,” given by Joseph Nahas, Jr., Chair of the Counselors of Real Estate & Senior Vice President of Equus Capital Partners. 



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Do You Know How Much Equity You Have in Your Home?

The latest CoreLogic latest Equity Report revealed that 675,000 US homeowners regained positive equity in their homes in 2017. This is great news for the country, as 95.1% of all mortgaged properties are now in a positive equity situation.

U.S homeowners with mortgages (roughly 63% of all the properties) have…


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Home Buying Statistics

According to NAR's Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, married people once more led the first-time home buyer statistics in 2017. According to NAR, 57% of all first time home buyers were married and unmarried couples made up 16% of all first-time buyers last year.

It is no wonder since having two incomes makes saving for the down payment and closing costs helps make purchasing a house easier. A lot of couples decide to buy a home instead of spending money on a wedding or the…


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Negotiating and Selling Your Home

It may be difficult and stressful to sell a house. You can have difficulty understanding how to set prices or to draft a contract, if you aren't knowledgeable about the housing market. The information in this report is intended to give you a few pointers for doing these things.

A good deal of people are frustrated by little, but maintenance costs painting, plumbing, and landscaping. One day that you don't have an overwhelming job, you want to be certain that you are on top of of these…


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The ‘Debt to Income’ Ratio and How It Affects Your Home Purchase

The real estate market is rife with terminology that can make a home purchase seem more than a little complicated. If you’re currently looking for a home and are considering your loan options, you may have even heard the term ‘Debt to Income’ ratio. In the interest of simplifying things, here are some insights on what this term means and how it can impact your home investment.

Determining Your ‘Debt to Income’ Ratio

It’s important to consider what exactly your…


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A Quick and Easy Guide to Using an Online Mortgage Calculator

While mortgage rates are still historically low, I bet many people are wondering just what is possible. One way to find out is by using any of the widely available mortgage calculators you can find online.

If you’re in the market for a new mortgage, using an online mortgage calculator is a great way to determine what kind of terms you can expect to see and how they’ll affect your home purchase. Visualizing what a 3.9% interest rate looks like can be difficult, which is why a…


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What's Happening 9-21-2013

Here is the round up of the most popular posts I have made over on my website this week. Hope you will check them out!

Anderson County SC Real Estate Market Report

Oconee County SC Real Estate Market…


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What's Happening 9-14-13

Beautiful Saturday in Upstate South Carolina. Other than having to deal with some unnecessary drama. Not that any drama is necessary is it?

Enough with the ranting. If you think that was something, then you should be a fly on the wall when I start ranting to my wife about some of the stupid stuff I see or deal with every week. It sure is nice that we have each other to vent to or to confide in. One of the benefits of being married to your best friend!

Well I posted several…


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What's Happening 6-13-2013

Been too long since I posted on this blog. What can I say other than I have been busy? Anyway, if you are looking to buy a home in Upstate South Carolina, then you really need to understand how important it is that you get a Home Inspection.

Please read Why You Need To Get A Home Inspection

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What's Happening 4-28-13

Good afternoon! I have been super busy working the new website the past several weeks. Still lots of work to be done but making progress!

Even though I have been busy I did manage to get this week's Market Snapshots for Upstate South Carolina up:…


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