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From the ICSC in Las Vegas May 19-22, 2013
Craig Killman, SVP at JLL Retail, predicts that the retail centers that offer a “human experience,” such as entertainment—movies, sports bars, high energy restaurants, progressive grocers—will do well. “Whole Foods, Trader Joes for example coupled with Lifestyle retail like Anthropology, Apple, or Lululemon, will do very well as the economy continues to improve.”
The “human experience,” Killman continues, is something that can’t be duplicated on the internet. “While e-tailing will continue to take a bite out of bricks and mortar retail sales, centers that offer a human experience will thrive in this multi-dimensional consumer market,” he says. “The internet has provided so much convenience to our everyday lives but it can't replace the human need to connect and socialize and the successful centers will continue to build around this concept.”
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