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Taichung City wants to be Premier City of Asia in 5 years, opportunities are exploding!

In Taiwan, there is a city called Taichung, which the city is planning to build up a city like Tokyo and Beijing in 5 years, they are going to build up high-tech creation center, precision machinery center, district of high-tech industrial, district of manufacturer, district of prot related manufacturer,etc.





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Taichung is the No. 3 metro in Taiwan just next to Taipei and Kaohsiung. However, its development has been stalled for a decade due to it is lack of long term planning. It was the center of light industries such as sports shoes making, bicycles, umbrella, hand tools, auto parts and so on. After all these industries moved to the mainland China, Taichung became the base for R&D of such industries and no longer in the play of mass production. The present Mayor Hu promised to revamp Taichung into an internaitonal city in his race for re-election in 2010. Yet the critics said Taichung cannot even overrun Taipei nor Kaohsiung. It may even fall behind Hsinchu where is the Silicon Valley of Taiwan having many multi-national semiconductor fabs.


Personally, I won't bet on Taichung, it is too risky an investment simply based on the mayor's words. Just by looking closer to Taichung's position and the role it plays in the economy of Taiwan and Pacific Asia, one can easily get a better idea where Taichung would be in the next decade.


Think again!  

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