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Chinese represent 28% of luxury home buyers in London, 29% of new home buyers in Vancouver

in the past 6 months, Chinese buyers had invested over 200 million US dollar in UK, Canada, Australia's real estate market.


the reason is Chinese communism government controlling the entire real estate market in China, so, as the estimation, the investment in aboard will keep increasing.


In China, now Chinese communist party has a policy, people can't buy the 3rd real estate, you only can own 2 properties. So, the millionaires and billionaires of Chinese, want to invest their money to London and Vancouver, which is the busy metro area.


The resource demonstrates, 28% of buyers of luxury property in London are Chinese, 54% of them are in downtown London. The average price of the property of Chinese purchase is 5 million UK pound, (8.13 million US dollar)


In Vancouver, because of the need of Chinese buyers, the real estate price raised up 12% since 2010, before the end of 2011, will increase another 3%.



You want to reach the Chinese buyers? Epoch Times will help you, take a look at Epoch Times Vancouver Edition and Epoch Times London Edition



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