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Real Estate in Exuma Bahamas

There are some great deal on real estate in Exuma, on vacant land, develope with houses, or condos. The chinese  are investing billions in…

由cecil smith开始

0 2011 年8 月17日

Chinese represent 28% of luxury home buyers in London, 29% of new home buyers in Vancouver

in the past 6 months, Chinese buyers had invested over 200 million US dollar in UK, Canada, Australia's real estate market.   the reason is…

由Eason Shinn开始

0 2011 年8 月14日

Luxury villa - Residential resort - Mauritius island

Mauritius Island*** Villas Valriche for sale Today real estate in Mauritius is attracting buyers who have long wished to own a property on…

由Travista Propertia开始

0 2011 年7 月19日

Taichung City wants to be Premier City of Asia in 5 years, opportunities are exploding!

In Taiwan, there is a city called Taichung, which the city is planning to build up a city like Tokyo and Beijing in 5 years, they are going…

由Eason Shinn开始

2 2011 年7 月6日
Eason Shinn的回复

Chinese officials are moving vast of money to abroad, do you see them?

  June 14th,  People`s Bank of China released a report, saying    "before 2008, within 15 years, there were almost 10,000 of Chinese gover…

由Eason Shinn开始

1 2011 年7 月4日
Eason Shinn的回复

2010年加拿大地產要問回顧 -- Epoch Times Top 10 important news of Canada real estate of year of 2010

由Eason Shinn开始

0 2011 年1 月6日

CMHC最新預測: 蒙2011年房市繼續溫和增長


由Eason Shinn开始

0 2011 年1 月6日

2010年美國十大地產要聞觀止 —— Epoch Times Top 10 important news of USA real estate of year of 2010


由Eason Shinn开始

1 2011 年1 月4日
Eason Shinn的回复

If Trump become president of USA, what are you willing to see the changes?

川普接受美國廣播公司電視採訪時表示,他不想當總統,但他擔心美國前途,因此認為他應該站出來,跟美國的對手抗爭。他還點名中國,質疑中國操縱貨幣,在國際貿易競爭中佔美國便宜。   川普如果当选总统, 你会对他有何期待?由于他在地产界的地位,美国总统身份对地产界有什么影响?   en…

由Eason Shinn开始

0 2011 年1 月4日


10萬以下 10萬-20萬 20萬-25萬 25萬-45萬 50萬-100萬 100萬以上     哪個最多?

由Eason Shinn开始

1 2010 年12 月10日
Anthony Wong的回复


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