We have access to many sources of capital for varying stages of a company’s existence. More importantly, we, too, are looking to invest in start-up and early stage companies through our own venture-capital fund.

            Unlike most venture-capital firms, we’ve taken the mystery out of the application and funding process. We’re upfront about what we want to invest in and why.

Unlike most venture capital firms, we fund start-ups. We understand the inherent risks involved with investing in start-ups and have built-in protocols to mitigate risks for our Fund investors.

Unlike most venture capital firms who may fund your start-up or early stage company who command total control of it (greater than 51% or more of the common voting equity) we only take 5% or less, but you have to do some of the work.

Unlike most venture capital firms, we won’t leave you hanging on and frustrated with endless due diligence. Our philosophy is simple. If you can do what we request of you through our process outlined below, there’s a very high probability that we’ll invest in your company or find a broker dealer who will. 

Once you understand our venture-capital-fund model you will appreciate the innovative way we reduce risk for our investors. Without this model, there’s simply no way to justify the inherent risk with investing in start-up or early stage companies. For more information go to: https://www.commonwealthcapital.com/Financial_Architect/index.php/v...