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Should you make Site Visitors Sign In to Search Listings?

In theory forced registrations will turn off site visitors. However Agents who do not require registration can and do have visitors searching all day on their sites and never know it. Some forced registrations will get you an email addresses like BUT if they can get back on your site and search again you’re no worse off than a simple IDX site. Some Donald Ducks will actually contact you when they’re ready so don’t throw them in the trash
too quickly.

Web Site Leads are Not as Good as a Walk-in or an Ad Phone Call:

Real estate web site leads are only as good or as bad as the site and content. A killer of web site leads is not responding quickly. Let that lead sit a day, and you'll lose it to a better agent. The walk-ins and phone calls leads you can size up. The web leads can keep you guessing but patience and follow up will prevail.

Concentrate Most and First on Me:

Put your ego away! Ask 100 visitors what they want when they get to a web site, and 98 of them will say "to search for listings". The other 2 are your friends. If you want a second visit, give them that "way to search all listings".

There's a Guru that Can Guarantee My Site Top Search Engine Positions:

The facts are that Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other engines are ahead of the so-called "gurus". Some basic search engine optimization strategies, coupled with relevant and valuable content, will get you better placement over time. But ask yourself with Google for example; “Why are they in business”? The answer is not to save the world but to make money. (Pay per click) So SEO is good and it will get you to page 4 from page 500; but what searcher makes it to page 4 without clicking another site.

Template Real Estate Web Sites and Search Engines:

Pre-designed real estate site templates that allow you to do most of the customization work yourself, while the vendor provides the hosting and design tools you need are better than nothing but not by much. With these sites leaving the base content without customizing it can get your site penalized by search engines for duplicate content.

Take Advantage of Your Brokerage's Site:

It’s a free way to get yourself up on the web, it's your broker's site, the company name that's promoted and you can't take it with you if you leave. You will leave at some point. So maybe don’t take advantage of your Brokers site.

So What's the Deal with a New Buyer Leads website?

Do you have the time to learn some basics of online follow-up? Do you have 20 minutes a day you can spare?

Are you an Agent that does Rentals? Would a bunch of extra rentals each month help the bank statement?

Are you an Agent that does not do Rentals? Don't do them!

Would a deal or so each month help the cause? Would a deal or so every couple of months help the cause?

What about your set-up fee? Sorry there is none.

Buyers go to a Realtor website for one reason; to SEARCH for PROPERTY. Get on board the Online Real Estate Revolution! We have the system, pricing and solutions for more closings, happier agents and a fantastic online source of revenue. Whether you're a broker or agent, leads are the answer.
Over 90% of consumers start online. GET FOUND

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