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What do you find helps you market your real estate business? Of course, it's the face-to-face contact you have with a would-be client that is most crucial, but so many people nowadays are searching online for real estate advice and agents to list or buy a home.
I am continually working on putting my listings up online in various locations, contacting people through social media sites, ever updating and maintaining my blog and website, e-mailing and mailing contacts, advertising, and more.
What do you do different? With this market, I feel that I need to do more--let's toss some ideas around...

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With over 90 % looking or searching on the internet , you have to have a 24/ 7 presence there , or you will fall behind not gain in 2011. Understand this ; all this stuff is marketing what ever you decide to do. Face to Face or as Howard Jones says Belly to Belly, is what it's all about. I'm really into what I can do for your marketing , but have never seen any body stick their arm threw the computer to sign a listing. What a good all around marketing plan will do is get you more Belly to Belly contacts. What you do with those contacts is all about your professionalism and talent. You will not find any better source of Realtor marketing than COMF5. Video will give you that face to face edge before and after the sale. Please check my links and sites for complete information about MyRealtorf5 video marketing.
I find it that networking within your community is a very good way to generate business, chambers or commerce, local associations the usual, this oviously work on a local level, I puch my properties through verous media channels, costar, loopnet, commgate, buysellbiz and so on, you must have a web pressence or your pressence will be erased.
Yes you must be on the internet , could not agree more . Which brings me to my point ; just like above you will need several different providers to do what we can from one home page. No body provides the tools we have at a cost of $40 per month is a joke. Companies are spending thousands to do what we have .

Hello Renee,


A great website helps a great deal.   Visit my award winning website:

Are you on ActiveRain ? There are so many more ways to markket yourself. Networking Face-To-Face is always the best way to make a genuine connection. I also make some great deals on the golf course as well !



Happy Holidays !!!


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