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Would you get more listings if the seller does NOT have to pay the listing broker fee and instead you will charge a buyer's premium just like the auctions are doing?

Let us know what you think?

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We are always open to suggestions. Theiris no problem to go this way.

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The auction is dealing with the bare bones and buyers are buying low enough not to mind to pay for other fees...and in the real world sellers realize is a necessity to pay for commission if they want to get as much as they can by the process of negotiation which on the other hand buyers are reluctant to pay for any additional fees. Never the less, the process of negotiation is the engine that moves both parties and realtors make it to happen for every one. I love negotiating giving various necessary factors on hand to accomplish a successful closing. Fidel Cano   

It could work, but why mess with the current situation if it is working?

While interesting in theory, I think you have to weigh that versus the necessity for "consideration" to form a valid contract under traditional contract law. That is, if the seller isn't paying you, you're missing one of the necessary portions to form a valid contract.
The seller also then needs to consider whether or not you are his or her agent, or just a clearing house, mediator, or some other service.

It is hard enough to get a buyer to sign a buyer agent agreement. They believe that agents should also drive them around all day, for several days, and pay for lunch. In Florida it is common for a buyer to pay to be shown properties and deducted from eventual sale.

A seller has to sell for one reason or another. It would help sellers be more agreeable but not negotiate down a price I bet. I think if they know they won't pay an agency any commission I feel that you will find agents not really caring so much to do a good job--You get what you pay for which is nothing.  

ON another note auction houses most I know charge the seller up front a hefty fee for what they call "Advertising". Now having a partnership with your seller where they pay for advertising in exchange for a reduced commission--that can be a win win situation.

I guess I don't understand why we would consider messing with a system that is working.....

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