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  1. Add a Profile Picture
  2. Profile Settings
  3. Share on Facebook, Twitter and more
  4. Invite your colleagues and associates
  5. Search for members or anything on GLOZAL
  6. Add GLOZAL members as your Friend
  7. Add property photos to the main album
  8. Add property  videos
  9. Features and Things you can do on GLOZAL
  10. Other:

          A. Comments vs. Messages

          B. Sending Messages/Email to all your connections on GLOZAL

          C. Benefits of ‘adding’ friends/connections to GLOZAL

          D. The appearance of your Personal Page



1.  Add a Profile Picture

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the Browse button button in the middle of the page (next to 'Photo').  Here you can upload your personal profile picture (GIF, JPG or PNG, limit 10MB). 
  • Scroll down and click on the 'Save' button.



2.  Profile Settings

     Click on Settings (the top-right hand corner) to manage the following:

  • Profile Photo – click on the Browse button to upload your personal picture (GIF, JPG or PNG, limit 10MB). 
  • Profile – to update your Email Settings*, Password**, Birth date, Gender, Country, Profile Questions (Profession, Current Employer, Website, Office Phone, Mobile Phone, Languages, Service Area, Specialties/Designations/Certifications).
  • Privacy – control your privacy settings, such as visibility of your Profile page, blogs, photos, videos, events, etc.  You can also control settings to comments on your blog, etc. and latest activity.
  • Email – control your email notifications you receive from GLOZAL, members request invitations, messages you receive from Groups you have joined, Activity, etc.
  • My Page – change your profile picture, your theme on the appearance of ‘My Page’ by creating your own designs, and manage your Apps and GLOZAL’s Apps settings.
  • Connections – sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account.  Post content to Facebook, Share with Twitter your GLOZAL profile page, listings, blogs, etc. 

*  To change your email address, go to Profile and click here.

**To change your password, go to Profile and click here.


Forgot your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to GLOZAL ‘Sign In’ page and click on the Forgot your password?  Type in your email and an email will be sent with a link to change your password.



3.  Share on Facebook, Twitter and more

To share any of your GLOZAL content to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, you must first  set up a link with your GLOZAL account to your Facebook and/or Twitter account.

  • Facebook sharing: Go to Connections and click on “Post content to Facebook” to link your Facebook account with GLOZAL. 
  • Twitter sharing: Go to Connections and under Twitter Sharing, click on Add a new account to link your Twitter account with GLOZAL.


Once this has been setup, you can start sharing any content on GLOZAL and it will automatically post on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. 

Whenever you see the  button, click on ‘Share’ and a box will appear where you can share it on MySpace, Twitter,, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg.

You can also use the buttons for Photos, Videos, Blogs, Events, Discussions, Groups, Pages, and Profiles etc.


Another feature is Google’s +1 buttons , which lets people who like your content, photos, blogs, videos, etc. on GLOZAL recommend it on Google search and share it on the new Google+ network.  Click on +1 to publicly give your stamp of approval.  Your +1’s can help friends, contacts and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.  Just make sure you are signed in to your Google account.



4.  Invite your colleagues and associates

  • Click on Invite and,
  • Import your contacts from Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, or,
  • Enter email addresses manually, separated by commas in the ‘Enter Email Address Manually’ drop-down. 
  • Optional: you can type a message before sending out your invite.
  • Daily limit: 200 invites per day. (from 8:01pm ET to 7:59pm ET ).



5.  Search for members or anything on GLOZAL

     On the Members page in the search box, you can search for members by:

  • their names,
  • company,
  • professions,
  • city,
  • country,
  • language, etc.

You can also do an Advanced Search to specify your search further.


To search for anything on GLOZAL, such as articles, blogs, groups, events, members, country, etc., you can use the search box in upper-right hand corner of your page – next to the Sign Out button.

*Note:  Some searches might come up with different results depending on how members entered their data.  For example, you might find the state “Florida” spelled out and abbreviated (Florida and FL).



6.  Add Glozal members as your Friend

  • Go to Members and click on a member’s name to get to their profile page or find a member through your search. 
  • Then click on Add as Friend.  A request will be sent out; you can add a message with your invitation (optional).  Once the member has accepted your request, you can send private messages and share information.
  • You can send up to 100 Friend requests at a time.
  • To see how many requests you have already sent out, go to Members and click on ‘My Friends’ in the top left corner of the page.  Then click on Requests Sent.
  • If you have sent out the 100-Friend quota and you would like to invite more Friends on GLOZAL, you can free up your Friend Requests and withdraw your requests to free up your 100-friend maximum quota.
  • To see how many connections you have, go to Members and click on ‘My Friends’ located on the top left screen of the page.  You can also find your friend connections from ‘My Page’ and view your Friends by clicking ‘View All’.



7.  Add a Residential/Commercial Listing

  • Click on Listings and then on Add a Listing’ and make your selection form the Category…, such as “Homes for sale” or “Homes for rent”.  Then click on the ‘Submit’ button to save your listing.
  • You can start adding property photos once you have submitted your listing.  Go to your listing and scroll down to the end of the page, where it says ‘Do more with your listing…’  Add Photos   Feature (19.95 USD). Click on Add Photo to upload pictures from your computer.  You can only upload one picture at a time. 


  • To upload your next picture, you have to click on your listing and then on ‘View Photos>>’.  Then you will see ‘Add a Photo’ underneath.


  • Select one of your photos as your featured photo for your listing: If you have more than one property picture added to your listing, you can select one picture as the featured photo, which will be the first picture shown on your listing.  Just click on the desired picture and then select ‘Set as Featured Photo’.



8.   Add property photos to the main album

In addition to adding property photos to your listing you can also add property photos to the main album.  Pictures in the main album automatically rotate on the home page.  

  • Go to Photos and click on the Add button to upload pictures from your computer.  You can add as many photos at one time.
  • You can create your own album, click on My Albums and then on the Add Albums.
  • Only real estate-related images are allowed on GLOZAL; all other pictures will be deleted.  (See Terms of Service for further information).



9.  Add a property video

  • Go to Videos and click on Add in the top right-hand corner to upload videos from your computer.
  • To add a video from YouTube, Hulu or vimeo click here.
  • Only real estate-related videos are allowed on GLOZAL; all other videos will be deleted.  (See Terms of Service for further information)



10.  Features and Things you can do on GLOZAL

  • Get unlimited Global MLS Listings and Video postings  
  • Add as many pictures @ Photo postings
  • Post unlimited jobs @ Job postings   
  • Video Chat and invite (by email, copy chat link, post on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) up to 20 people (including non-GLOZAL members) around the world  
  • Chat with GLOZAL members who are online
  • Announce your Open Houses and Events  
  • Invite your Friends or Associates   
  • Add personal pictures and files to your Profile page with
  • Tweet 140 characters from the home page in the box “What’s on your mind today?” and it will post to your Twitter account
  • Add a Blog and share it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Create or join Groups
  • Read all Blog posts on Glozal
  • Enjoy our Glozal Mobile website and take GLOZAL on the go!
  • Use the , ,  buttons for Photos, Videos, Blogs, Events, Discussions, Groups, Pages, and Profiles etc.
  • Select a language and the page will be translated in 53 languages
  • Add Apps to your Profile page



11. Other

A.  Comments vs. Messages

  • Comments are publicly displayed on the GLOZAL members’ page.  You don’t have to be friends with Glozal members to send comments.
  • ‘Send a Message’ is private and can only be sent to your GLOZAL friends.


B.  Sending Messages/Email to all your connections on GLOZAL

  • From your Inbox, you can send a message to any or all of your GLOZAL friends. 
  • Just click on the Compose button to create a message.  Members will receive your message in their Inbox on GLOZAL and via email.


C.  Benefits of ‘adding’ friends/connections to GLOZAL

  • Your announcements, such as Open House or Events, can be sent to a larger group – the more connections you have on GLOZAL, the bigger your impact can be to reach your audience.
  • You can send your message to all of your connections on GLOZAL from your Inbox and reach a larger audience.   Select ‘Friends on this Network’ to send your composed message to all your connections.
  • Send a message/broadcast with a click of a button to all your connections on GLOZAL: go to Members and click on ‘My Friends’ in the top left corner.  Then click on  ‘Send Message to All Friends’.


D.  The Appearance of your Personal Page

  • From Settings, click on My Page
  • Then go to Appearance where you can find 52 different themes to select from. 
  • You can select your own colors and font in ‘Basic Theme’ or ‘All Options’.


See Terms of Service for further information

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